This lovely girl entered my life six years ago and been my best friend ever since. She’s been at my side through the loss of my partner, Bob, to cancer then my own cancer diagnosis (I’m now a healthy cancer survivor), and now, a pandemic.
She’s a Dudley Lab (did you know Dudleys have their own Facebook page?) and we’re celebrating her 9th birthday on the 4th of July. She still hikes with me and we take long walks every morning during this stay-at-home time.
When we lost Bob, Chloe and I decided to do our part for cancer research, so she’s in a clinical trial at the Flint Cancer Center at CSU, testing a canine cancer vaccine. Healthy and cancer-free after one year, she enjoys riding up to Fort Collins in the car and then hiking with her aunt and me after her check-up!
I’m so grateful to Safe Harbor for helping me find my best friend Chloe six years ago!