Delightful little 11-month-old Chloe recently trotted off to her new home with Nancy, Guy and Fulmer the boss cat. Chloe is soaking up all the love and attention from her wonderful new parents and relishing her new life as an important and cherished part of this great family.

Chloe’s new mom tell us: WE LOVE HER! She was such a good addition to our home. She is very well behaved and gets along with Fulmer, our cat, when Fulmer allows her to come into his world .

We have had two labs in the past and had just lost our last dog, Daisy, and were missing having a dog so much. Chloe came to our home at just the right time. We love her and she loves us. She won’t eat unless we sit with her which is hysterical. She fit in from the start. She loves her bed, riding ANYWHERE in the car and chasing a tennis ball. She is the very first dog we have had that will drop the ball at our feet.

Her personality is great. Here are pictures of her in our home and with Fulmer. Fulmer is in charge in case you can’t tell. Hahaha. Thanks for all your organization does.