Jim and Linda have added 8ish-year-old Cinder to the family, and this handsome boy is fitting into their home and life like a missing puzzle piece. His new Lab sister, Sadie, loves having a four-legged brother again and is enjoying showing Cinder the ropes and helping him settle in.

Cinder’s new parents tell us: We are so excited to have our 3rd SHLR family member, Cinder. We lost our 1st SHLR lab, Jake, a little over a year ago and thought we would just stick with our other lab, Sadie, as an “only child”. But over time it became apparent that she would like a brother again. She is older so a young lab would be a bit too much for a very mellow 12 yr old. Then we read about Cinder and decided he might be the right fit.

Cinder and Sadie hit it off beautifully right from the beginning. It has been fun watching Sadie assume the alpha role since Jake was the alpha when she came into our family. Neither Sadie or Cinder are very assertive dogs so they do so well together. It’s been entertaining watching Cinder slowing pick up some of Sadie’s routines. Linda’s piano students love Cinder just like Sadie since they are both such polite greeters. They are such cute walking buddies. We are looking forward to introducing Cinder to our mountain cabin when the weather warms up. Cinder’s favorite sleeping spot is in the Lightning McQueen bed for our grandsons.