When Dwight and his Lab girl, Tia, were ready to add a new four-legged family member, three-year-old Clayton made sure he was first in line to apply for the position.  With his magnificent mug, exemplary social graces, and winsome waggery, Clayton wowed and woofed his way into their hearts and soon had claimed them as his very own.

Clayton’s new dad sent us an update on this handsome pup:

Clayton has pretty much settled into his new home no problem.  Clayton and Tia get along great. I got Tia from Safe Harbor several years ago.  Clayton likes ropes but is mediocre at playing tug-o-war … mostly he wants to chew on it in your lap.  Like all dogs and Labs, he likes a good rub down.  Tia likes the dog park, Clayton loves the dog park, he runs the whole time, rain or snow or shine.  After Clayton recovered from being neutered he started going on 3-6 mile walks … we had to work Clayton up to the 6-miles over 2 weeks, but now he is a champ walker just like Tia.  They have to deal with me being gone on workdays, but so far no issues with separation anxiety or anything else honestly. Great dogs — I am spoiled.  We will start summer camping soon, and I think Clayton will really love that.