We adopted Clyde in September  2019 and are absolutely in love!  Our New Beginnings story is up on the website now, but I just had to share this photo and a short video with fellow Lab lovers. It’s super cold in the mountains right now and Clyde’s paws seemed to be bothering him so today we bought him some light up boots! It’s basically the cutest thing ever.
Also he is down to 87 lbs so only seven left until he hits his goal weight. Crazy to think when he got to Safe Harbor in July he was 114!  He is moving so much better now. We went to California in November and he must not have been to the ocean before. He put two paws in and went down to drink the water (as he always does here) and looked up at us in disgust and immediately got out and we couldn’t get him to go back in! He didn’t even get his belly wet. So he is definitely a mountain dog. Thanks for everything! ~ Sarabeth and Antonio