Since joining Sarabeth and Antonio’s family, ten-year-old Clyde has shed all his worries along with a few pounds and become quite the mountain dog. This beautiful senior Lab is embracing his inner pup as he hikes and wades his way through some of Colorado’s most beautiful scenery and keeps up with his active new parents every step of the way.  What a dream come true for a gentle gent who may have a few years behind him but still has so much life to live and love to share.

Clyde’s wonderful new parents tell us:

We are so happy to have him as part of our family!  Clyde has found his forever home in the mountains and couldn’t be happier. He is reaching new heights every day! From hiking to a drive to the top of independence pass, Clyde is loving the mountain lifestyle. When he isn’t hiking, Clyde enjoys swimming at the dog park or relaxing with his family. He is still perfecting his picture taking skills. He likes to either move during pictures or face the opposite direction. We will keep working on it!

As a side note Clyde came to us at 102 lbs and in two weeks he is already down to 97! Goal weight is 80, so we hope to be there by Christmas with exercise and a controlled diet.

Our thanks to Sarabeth and Antonio for opening your hearts to this wonderful soul and giving him a life that will be sure to keep him young and happy for the rest of his days.