When you lose a beloved four-legged family member, they remain in your heart forever and can never be replaced; but sometimes your heart will expand just enough to allow another sweet pup (or two) to wiggle in and find their own special spot in there.
Several months after having to say goodbye to their wonderful senior Lab boy, Rachel and Garrett decided to bring a lucky, lovely two-year-old girl named Coal into the family.  It wasn’t long before this delightful little lass began to leave her unique imprint on their hearts and sofa, and their home is now once again happily filled with Lab love and the occasional stray bit of jet-black dog hair.
Rachel and Garrett tell us:
We adopted Coal at the end of May. She was our new beginning. Our family pup of 14 years was diagnosed with cancer and unfortunately, we had to put him down just before his 14th birthday. We took a few months to go crazy (had to make a trip to Great Wolf Lodge) and really think about what happens next. Are we ready for another pup? Are we devoted to loving a different pup for many years to come?
We completed our application for a pup through Safe Harbor Lab Rescue in February with the expectation that we need to find the right fit. We have 2 kids, a 13-year-old cat, and just lost our best friend…no doubt it had to be right. After our fun Great Wolf Lodge trip, we reached out to our Safe Harbor Lab contact to find that there was a match! And that was Coal.
It took Coal a few weeks to acclimate – always respectful but not fully trusting. Once we hit week 4, then BAM! She was sold. We became her people and she became our friend. We love her a million and appreciate the match made in heaven!
Many thanks to Christa for fostering Coal/Kohl!