Handsome Coal tells us that life with his new parents and four feline siblings is the cat’s meow! Trudi and Wilfred added this 1 1/2-year-old black beauty to their family, and they’ve been making sure that his days are filled with lots of fun and games and mini adventures, along with some puppy schooling, plenty of good food and healthy exercise, and, of course, many extra helpings of love.

Coal’s new mom sent us an update on their new boy: The minute I saw Coal on the SHLR page and read his story, I knew he was the dog for us. Unfortunately I was leaving to take my Mom out of town for 5 days. I was so worried that Coal would not be available when I got back, so I put in our application and checked my e-mail every day that I was gone. When I found out we were approved, I was so happy. As soon as I got back in town, I got in touch with the foster parents and made arrangements to see Coal. My husband and I were so thrilled that he was just as we thought he would be.

According to the vet, Coal was only 44 pounds when he was “rescued” in early January. Thanks to great foster parents taking such good care of him and passing along their knowledge as to what we should do, Coal now weighs 68 pounds. The vet said that he’s just a perfect weight! Coal’s favorite things are: playing “chuckit” in the backyard, taking his daily walk and seeing all of his many dog friends, taking an afternoon nap, trying to get the cats to play with him, riding in the car, having visitors (dogs or humans) and playing with his many toys. He is so incredibly smart and picks things up quickly. He responds to the sit, stay, drop it and “time for beddy” commands. He was crate trained in 1 day and actually goes into his crate at night when he gets tired.

I guess I’m rambling – I could continue on and on about Coal and how much we love him. He truly fits into our family — Wilfred, myself and the cats.