Many lucky Labs have found their dream homes with the help of Safe Harbor, and over the years some have had the good fortune of landing a foster spot in front of the fireplace at Les’ house while waiting to find their forever family.  After taking a look around, trying out a cozy bed or two, and meeting their foster mom and four-legged roommates, a few of these cunning canines have taken matters into their own paws and let Les know that they planned to extend their stay forever.  The latest foster pup to arrive at Les’ place was the lovely, lively, and distinguished Miss Coco.  Coco had previously informed us that she wasn’t born yesterday and knows a good thing when she sees it, so it came as little surprise when she soon proudly announced that she had taken up permanent residence on Les’ hearth and in her heart.Les writes:  My passion is senior and/or special needs dogs so Coco fit the bill age-wise. Special needs? No. She is the spryest 14-year-old dog I’ve ever met. Anyone who meets her is very surprised that she’s 14.It took a few weeks for Coco to ‘come out of her shell’ here, but now she’s settled in, sleeping on my bed, and demanding her breakfast and dinner right on schedule. Even though she’s full of vim and vigor, I know these are her ‘golden years’ and I’m so happy that I’ll be spending them with her.Many thanks to Les for fostering Coco and congratulations on your beautiful new girl!