cody-adoptionEarly this year a local shelter called Safe Harbor to tell us about a Lab mix named Cody who had recently lost an eye to ocular melanoma. The vet couldn’t give him a definite clean bill of health so the shelter was wondering if we would take him.  Of course we could!  It was immediately clear that Cody not only looked like a teddy bear, he had a teddy bear personality.  During Cody’s initial exam, our vet found a suspicious lump on his tummy that turned out to be soft-tissue sarcoma. He recommended that Cody stay on with us as a hospice dog.   That’s where Crystal, Doug, and Elbie came in to Cody’s life and took him home to hospice foster him.   Crystal writes:

“One look at his face and we just knew that we had to make Cody a part of our family.  His bio had everything we had been searching for.  Gets along fantastic with other dogs, 5 to 7 years old, and lovable as could be.  Our lovely Elbie is over 13 years old and needed a companion to make her senior life more pleasant, and I needed a big heart to love on in case her time to go to the Rainbow Bridge comes soon.  When Safe Harbor informed me that Cody had cancer, I still needed to be a part of making every day the best it could be.  Cody was my first official hospice foster, but our previous lab mix Boyd, had a short time with us, and it was glorious for all of us, so we decided to give it a try.   We go for “wanders” on our 5 acres, and we all jog back up the hill at the same pace, since Elbie is old, Cody is a little chubby, and I’m, well, a little rusty at jogging.  He has become, “my boy”, follows me just about everywhere I go in the house and finds the coolest spot to lay near wherever I stop.”   In October, Crystal and Doug made it legal and adopted Cody as their own.  As you can see from the pictures, he’s living in Lab Heaven on Earth. He’s pictured with Crystal, Doug and Elbie, his canine sister and constant companion (he’s the yellow guy).