Last fall, when Mary Lou decided it was time for more Lab in her life, she was hoping to find a bonded pair to adopt together so they could keep each other entertained when mom was at work.  Along came a nifty pair of nine-year-olds, Cody and Tabitha, who were looking for a place to put down their backpacks and settle in to be loved forever.  With their irresistible smiling chocolate faces and vanilla icing muzzles, this delightful duo soon wagged their way into Mary Lou’s heart and convinced her that they were the perfect pair to complete her family.
We received this wonderful update from Mary Lou:  Cody and Tabitha found their new home in south Denver last November and have been blissfully happy ever since.  The bonded pair are fun-loving, affectionate, tennis ball obsessed bundles of energy.  Don’t tell them they are “senior dogs”.
They absolutely love playing fetch in the snow, even when the ball sinks below the surface, making it more of a game of hide and seek!  Cody carries a tennis ball with him at all times, just in case someone is in the mood to throw it.  Tabitha runs alongside Cody to chase the ball but has learned that she can rarely outrun him.  My family members gave tennis balls as Christmas gifts so now there is quite a collection that regularly rolls under the couch.  Watching them try to “retrieve” the balls from under the couch is premium entertainment!
They love long naps, snuggling in their dog beds, snuggling on the couch, standing outside while it snows, barking at the UPS man and waking early each morning to squeeze in as much play time as possible before their human heads to work.  You couldn’t ask for a more lovable pair!