Eleven-month-old Cody, found his forever home with John and Glenna over six months ago, but without his new parents’ determination to do all they could to help him overcome some behavioral issues, his success story may never have been written. With their hard work and dedication to making sure that Cody has all the tools he needs to learn how to be a successful family member, they have given this young Lab the happy new beginning that every rescue dog deserves. Now, with his parents by his side, Cody is feeling loved and secure, and has a pep in his step, a wag in his tail, and a future that looks very bright indeed.Cody

John and Glenna tell Cody’s story:

We adopted Cody, formerly Nick, the end of December in 2015. Right away, it became apparent that he suffered from separation anxiety and we had a challenge. However, we could tell he was a sweet boy and wanted to keep him, if possible. Safe Harbor Lab Rescue could not have been more helpful. They sent literature, a trainer to come and talk to us and sent us to their vet to get Prozac to help with his anxiety. We also purchased natural anti-anxiety drugs and he had him in a calming collar for 4 months. We have now had him 6 months and could not be happier. We took him off the Prozac in early May and he has done extremely well. Since we are both semi-retired, initially it was easy for one us to be with him at all times and/or take him with us as he was good left in our car. However, with summer upon us, we had to be able to leave him home as we could not leave him in the car in the heat. We read more of the literature and started leaving him short periods of time outside as he showed no inclination to jump the fence. Initially he would bark the entire time we were gone, then just a little, now we let him know that we are leaving and he goes out the back door to his favorite spot in the back yard which is where we will find him when we come home.

He gets lots of exercise and will play ball for hours. He makes us laugh every day at his antics running and jumping with his toys and after the tennis balls. We thank Safe Harbor for all their assistance and for this wonderful dog who is such a great addition to our lives.