It was love at first sight for Kathy and her new pup, Connor, and this handsome boy soon knew that he was home to stay. Young Connor has been through a lot in his 1.5 years, but now he’s ready for a fresh start and a lifetime of love and adventure with his new mama by his side.

Kathy tells us:

I knew I wanted Connor the minute I saw his picture and I was thrilled when I met him at the Canine Medical Resort in Ft. Collins. We connected immediately and we have made each other our new best pals. He knew love in his past and gives it to me freely with hugs and snuggles and lots of kisses. He also knows how to gain attention with his wonky right front leg by putting it up in my lap,and laying his head down on it. Works every time! A SHLR surgery straightened the bones in his leg from shoulder to knee which shortened his leg so – yes – he wears a brace with a lift to help him have an even gait, but that does not stop him from the excitement of long walks, playing with other dogs in the dog park, our games of tug (loves the ropes) and meeting and greeting new people with an attempted hug and at least a lick or two. After I experienced an unexpected early retirement in May due to Covid, having Connor in my life has given me not only love and companionship, but a new purpose. I believe we would really enjoy his being trained as a therapy dog, especially for children with physical disabilities. So much to look forward to in our future together. Thank you SHLR for rescuing him and to Connie at the Canine Resort for the months of rehab she provided for him.