Chocolate chip cookies are great, but a Chocolate Labrador named Cookie is even better.  As sweet as her namesake, this one-and-a-half-year-old has brought the comfort of a home-baked treat to Mark, Leslie, and Golden Retriever brother, Copper.  Always lively and ready to play ball, Cookie melted the hearts of her foster family, and they quickly became her forever family.

Here is an update:

“Cookie has been a really great addition to our family.  We had just begun to foster dogs and Cookie was our second foster.  We fell in love with her and chose to keep her.  We have a 7-year-old Golden, Copper, who loves the companionship of Cookie.  We lost our SHLR rescue, Sammie, in December and Cookie definitely filled that hole.

“Cookie is a real puppy and doesn’t go anywhere without a ball in her mouth.  She loves her daily walks and always wants to play.  She definitely adds a lot of life into our home.  Thanks SHLR for introducing us to this sweet pup.”

Thanks to Mark and Leslie for fostering AND adopting Cookie!