Cooper joined Tina and Ron’s family when he was an adorable little four-month-old bundle of wiggles and wags and has been growing fast and perfecting his new role of best little brother to big sister, Ella, ever since.  These perfect puppy pals are having a blast adventuring their way through life together and their parents are thoroughly enjoying all the four-legged fun and frolic that follows.Tina and Ron sent us an update on the kids:We have a 2-year female yellow lab, Ella, who is very loving and friendly but never wants to be left alone.  That worked during the pandemic but became difficult when we had to return to work and school.  Although Ron works from home, it was impossible for him to leave the house without taking Ella with him.  We decided Ella needed a canine friend.  We had a great experience with our last rescue dog, Tesla, so we decided to look for another rescue dog.  We found Cooper (formerly Tyson) on the SHLR website and immediately wanted to meet him. After we completed the application, we set up a meeting with Cooper’s foster family.  That weekend we took Ella to meet Cooper.  The minute they met, they loved each other.  They played non-stop the entire time.  The foster family had a dog but Ella and Cooper were immediately drawn to each other.  We decided that weekend that we wanted to adopt Cooper. Cooper and Ella are always together now.  They love going for long walks, playing, eating and sleeping together.   They have made friends with all of our family, friends, neighbors and their dogs.  We love Ella and Cooper so much and they bring so much joy to our lives.  And Ella is no longer afraid when we leave her home because she has Cooper now. Cooper is pictured on adoption day with her new human sister, Katie, and at home with her new canine sister, Ella.Many thanks to Ann J. for fostering Cooper/Tyson!