Following the recent loss of his last beloved Lab, Glenn was missing the daily companionship and joy that these wonderful souls bring us, and he decided it was time to find a new pup to add to his family. A one-year-old black Lab on our website caught his eye, and Glenn requested a meeting with this gorgeous young guy named Kamas. After arriving at the foster home for a meet and greet, Glenn quickly knew that sweet Kamas would fit wonderfully into his life and was soon on his way home with his new best friend trotting along beside him.

We recently caught up with these two guys who were happy to fill us in on their new life together:

The pup formerly known as Kamas woofed, “Kamas was my old name. My new best buddy changed it to Cooper. He calls me Coop most of the time (when I behave). I go on walks every day, which I enjoy, chase balls and other toys. I just love to meet new dogs at the park. We have such fun.”

Glenn added, “Cooper has been a joy and very easy to work with. He has quite a few more tasks to learn, but that does not concern me. Wish I had five more like him!!”