I’m almost a year late, but thought I’d share with you an update on Cooper.

When I first met Cooper, he was named Koko. He was a sad but loving dog. His original owners gave him up and it was clear that he missed his old life. Being seven, I know he was very bonded and when he came to his forever home, he was met with a frisky 18 month old yellow lab brother named Emmett. It took Cooper some time to adjust to his life with us, but he’s loving life now. He is happy, healthy and gets plenty of trips to the dog park and finds lots of excuses to plop into our backyard pond and just sit there!

We are grateful to Safe Harbor for matching us up. As we prepare for Cooper’s 8th Birthday and his one year anniversary of being a part of our family, we are so grateful for this big fur ball. His sweet “smile” greets us everyday, his snores provide white noise at night and his happy tail that constantly wags reminds us that family is not just the people and pets you know from birth, but the people and pets you find along the way.

Cooper is an integral part of our family. He’s among the sweetest dogs we’ve ever owned and we can’t imagine life without him!