Chester now goes by the name of Cooper, and this seriously gorgeous two-year-old yellow Lab boy is soaking up the love and spreading the sunshine in his new home with Kevin and Dan. His new dads are making sure that their pup gets off on the right paw and catches up on his schooling, but there is always plenty of time in the day for recess and athletic pursuits. Cooper tells us that he has particularly been enjoying practicing the three Rs — retrieving, retrieving, and retrieving.

Dan and Kevin sent us an update on life with Cooper: Wow, what a GREAT dog. Cooper is simply wonderful!! We both work from home and he is fun-loving addition to our family. He is a very exuberant lab – always ready to play a game of fetch (and another game and another game), go for a hike and will never say no to a walk. In the short time we have had him he has been learning new things like: how to walk up and down stairs, walking on a lead and he’s excelling in obedience classes. Cooper is eager to please and has proven to be a fast learner.

Cooper makes friends everywhere he goes and the people he meets are always amazed that he is a rescue. He’s a great Lab and hopefully a good ambassador for Safe Harbor. We are so happy we adopted from Safe Harbor.

Many thanks to Rhonda and everyone at Canine Fitness and Fun for fostering Chester/Cooper!

Chester is pictured on adoption day with Kevin (L) and Dan (R).