Five-year-old Cooper, formerly George, found his forever home with Nancy and Gary last year before the holidays, and we recently caught up with the happy family.

Cooper’s new mom filled us in on her pup’s fabulous new life:  The good news is – we love Cooper, but the best news is – Cooper loves us! We’ve gone through some medical problems with Coop, but he appears to be getting back to being a healthy guy.

Even though Cooper is 5 years old, he doesn’t realize it. Our daily walks are not slow and leisurely since he does not seem to have a slow mode, and he is very strong. Our first purchase for Cooper was a Gentle Leader so that we could have daily walks! And yet, in the house he is very laid back. He only gets “puppy crazy” after a bath or once in awhile when the mood just hits to run circles through the house. Cute.

He quickly discovered that our yard is a haven for bunnies, and he would really love the opportunity to run with the bunnies. I actually had to catch his back end as he was going through one of our screens in a bedroom window. He has gotten MUCH better about not harassing the bunnies since we have been working with the command “leave it.” The turkeys are another story. He couldn’t care less when the turkeys invade the yard unless we take him outside and let him chase the turkeys off. He loves to make them fly! Unfortunately, the turkeys keep coming back. The deer and Cooper seem to have a mutual respect for each other – if he leaves them alone, they will leave us alone.

The only time Cooper gets off leash is when we are right next to him and able to bring him in. Gary doesn’t believe Cooper would ever get very far away from me (since I spoil him big time), but I am not yet willing to take a chance. He is well mannered and sweet-natured so someone gave him a good home once.

Cooper is doing well and has definitely found his forever home and we can’t imagine life without him. Thank you for getting us together.