Cooper is a five-year-old bundle of love who also happens to be way beyond gorgeous. As luck would have it, some wonderful adopters caught sight of Cooper’s handsome mug on our website, and the rest is history. While some folks say that the third time’s a charm, our Cooper is pretty darn excited to be the fourth lucky Safe Harbor Lab to be chosen to join Jeff and Sarah’s family. In addition to his fabulous parents, Cooper now has a new two-legged sister who was very excited about his arrival, as well as a four-legged Australian Shepherd mix sister named Sandwich. There will be no shortage of love and companionship in Cooper’s new home and he will never have to worry about being lonely again.

Jeff and Sarah tell us:  It was a chance encounter we had with Cooper, but there is no question now how clearly it was meant to be. Having just lost our SHLR alum, Jax, we were not quite ready for another lab. Or so we thought. We just happened to check out the SHLR website, which we do quite often, just to stare lovingly at the beauties on there. And, there was Cooper – handsome as can be. He was posted and then taken down within the hour just to be sure all of his paperwork and intake was completed – he had only been with SHLR for 24 hours.

We immediately filled out an application and seeing how Cooper is our fourth lab from SHLR, we were contacted and asked to go meet him. We did just that and there was no way we could leave without him. Cooper is a great big love and just the perfect cap to our family – both furry and human.

We are forever thankful for the labs!