Lesley and Brent have added a new four-legged kid to their family. The lucky Lab lad they chose is 1.5-year-old Creek, who couldn’t stop wagging and grinning when he learned that he has two new human sisters, Mia and Anna, and a canine sister, Ruby, to run and play and snuggle with, now and forever. Creek is having a blast as a part of this fun family and prides himself on being the first one to the breakfast table every morning.

Creek’s new mom writes:  Creek came to us during Hanukkah, and what a gift he is! We feel like he was meant to be in our family because his given name of Creek is the school where his adoptive mom works. What a fortuitous sign!

Creek enjoys playing with his doggie sister Ruby, going for walks, cuddling with the family, and generally charming all humans whom he meets. He is a lover, this sweet boy!  And he makes absolutely sure that he never misses a meal, waking us each morning with a few licks and Lab“singing!”

As is the case with many adopted or rescued dogs, there have been some growing pains, but we have welcomed Creek into our hearts, and we have learned to travel always with a lint roller…especially on the days that we wear dark colors!