When a little 10-year- old black dog stepped down from the transport van last January, the first thing our volunteer remarked was, “She looks just like a little bear cub!” Soon she was settled in at her foster home and made herself at home on the warm bed that had been waiting for her.

Lyka had some medical issues to be seen to and it took a while — they were significant. Eventually she was ready for her forever home. She was posted on our website and her foster mom posted her picture and story on Facebook, but not being a glamorous Lab (Lab? The jury had come back with a verdict of nope), Lyka waited and waited.

One day Lauren, our co-founder who had seen the Facebook post, inquired about Lyka. Lyka was being fostered by our other co-founder, Leslie, and a meeting was arranged. Lauren asked to foster Lyka but soon fell in love and became a “foster failure” and christened her new buddy “Cubbie.”

Cubbie is adjusting beautifully and clearly has found her own special slice of heaven where she knows she will always be safe and loved. However, while she is usually a very brave little cub, this funny girl does have one main fear — she will startle herself out of her sleep if she passes gas and then immediately get up and run away. Every time. She has yet to catch the culprit but remains ever vigilant.

What a happy ending for our little girl, and to have found her home with Lauren makes it extra special.