Two-year-old Trixie pawed through a batch of applications hoping to find her new family there.  When she saw that Jeff and Brianne and their two kids were looking for a sweet, loveable, young lady Lab, she knew that they would be perfect for her.  Imagine her surprise and delight when this very same family came by to meet her a short time later! She might have blushed just a tad and batted her eyelashes, but then she raised her paw and solemnly swore to make sure their home would always be filled with fun, laughter, cuddles, and maybe a stray tennis ball and a little bit of Lab hair. This was clearly an offer they couldn’t refuse, and Trixie was soon on her way home.

Jeff and Brianne tell us:

Trixie was a dog of fate for us. After trying to find a suitable rescue for some time, her availability came up suddenly and visually reminded us of our previously lost Labrador, Tesla.  When we got the call that there may be an available dog, we said yes right away. When meeting her for the first time, it was an instant bond between her and our family.  Very sweet and gentle with the kids, she loves to play and go for hikes regularly.

Since adoption, we did rename her to Curie, after Marie Curie.  Our family has a tradition of naming dogs after scientists once we get to know their personality. Curie’s typical day starts with a long neighborhood walk or hike followed by hanging at home with the father of the family who works from home.  Evening brings the kids back from school and lots of outside play before another walk.  Finally, each night she makes the rounds to say goodnight to each person before starting all over again the next day.

Many thanks to Gina for fostering Curie/Trixie!