Sometimes a dog just gets lucky. Really lucky. That was the case for a lovely six-year-old Lab girl named Daisy, who landed in the home of fabulous longtime Safe Harbor volunteer, Kathy, for what was supposed to be a pit stop on the way to a longer term foster home.  Well, Daisy took a quick look around and decided that she really would prefer to stay right where she was, thank you very much.  Daisy soon convinced Kathy that there was a Daisy-sized hole in the home that needed to be filled in immediately, and the matter was soon settled.  Kathy and Daisy recently celebrated the one year anniversary of Daisy’s adoption.
Kathy tells us:  Daisy came to me just to stay for a few days until we had a foster home opening.  Within those few days, I knew Daisy was hanging her leash here forever. She is such a pretty yellow Lab and we’ve shared many adventures since she arrived over a year ago. She knew a few commands but my primary concern was her fondness for bolting.  Over the last year, she has strengthened and increased her knowledge of commands and become very satisfied with sticking closer to home.  In fact, she is near perfect hiking off leash and always checks in frequently to see if I’m able to keep up. Living with other dogs in the home and now the oldest, she takes it upon herself to keep the two rowdier dogs in check. Fetching is her absolute favorite pass time!   She seemed unsure of the water when she first arrived but has now discovered that fun Lab gene and loves her outings to Chatfield and the ocean. Daisy is not one to miss an opportunity to be on the go and is the first in line to head out the door for camping, traveling and, of course, fetching! She has been a wonderful addition.