Robert and Michelle wanted to bring another wonderful four-legged family member into their lives after the recent loss of their two beloved senior Labs. When a lovely four-year-old pup named Daisy heard that these great folks were looking for their next Lab love, she immediately raised her paw and wishfully woofed, “pick me, pick me!” and it wasn’t long before her new family was driving Miss Daisy home.

Daisy’s new parents report: It has been a month since we welcomed Daisy into our family and we’re still stunned by our good fortune. She’s an absolute love and is thriving in her new mountain environment. Daisy was carrying numerous extra pounds when we first got her, but we’re happy to say that she’s now down to her ideal weight and sporting a very nice waistline. Daily hikes in the woods, making fresh tracks in the snow, and a wee reduction in her food portions did the trick. Daisy has all the wonderful attributes that labs have to offer: loving, sensitive, both energetic and mellow, goofy, and innocent. I wish we could be so evolved, but alas, we’re not. We look forward to learning from our Daisy-girl in the years to come.