Daisy Dog, aka DD, is a nine-year-old chocolate love who has unpacked her bags, set down her bowl, and officially taken up residence in her new home with Lane and Emilee. Daisy shares her parents with her two new four-legged siblings, nine-year-old Johnny and twelve-year-old Ginger. Life is grand and full of fun and frolic, Daisy tells us, and no day is complete without helping Johnny yell at the nearby horses, and trading secrets with her new big sis.

Daisy’s new parents write:

We are a “dog family!” All three of our children have at least two dogs. Labrador Retrievers have been a part of our life ever since we moved to Colorado 48 years ago. The minute we saw Daisy we were fascinated by her “look” which is obviously a chocolate Labrador retriever and “something else.” Her knowledgeable Foster mother, Linda, gave us a clue, indicating that she felt her look and behaviors seemed to indicate that the “something else” was probably “pointer.” Her coat is short and coarse and, as we discovered, the white eyebrows and the white on her muzzle are not necessarily indicative of age. The breed, German short-haired Pointer, somehow came to mind and when I searched the breed mix on-line, there were numerous pictures of dogs that could be Daisy.

She is “smart as a whip!” You can actually observe her thinking…and she has a mind of her own. She became part of “the pack,” a Beagle-Bassett mix, a yellow retriever mix, and a black pure-bred Pug, and of the “family.” She and the Beagle-Bassett mix, Johnny, run the fence in the backyard, barking at the horses, and, of course, she is extremely interested in the birds, of which we have many.

We are so thankful to Safe Harbor for the manner in which they care for an adoptee both physically and socially. Daisy is a very loved and valued member of our family!