Last Day with Daisy

She had recused us on May 17th 2008. I usually woke up around 5:30 when she would come into the bedroom to roust us up for her breakfast. This morning was different, I woke up at 6:15 and checked the first of her two beds; one in the family room, she had slept in the living room in the bed next to the couch. So, I decided to go to the bathroom before proceeding to start the coffee and preparing Daisy’s breakfast. As I exited the bathroom, Daisy was coming down the hallway with her tail wagging like I hadn’t seen in months. The grapefruit sized tumor on her rear right side made this difficult for her. So we went to kitchen and fixed her breakfast and her peanut butter pain pill which she ate as if it was a treat. For my breakfast I fixed corn beef hash topped with two eggs. She got her little milk bowl and I would give her mostly the eggs from my breakfast. She would always lick the bowls clean as if she was starving, and I topped that off with a little milk which was part of our breakfast ritual. She then went to her bed in the family room and kept a watchful eye on the kitchen just in case more food was taken. Next food intake would be lunch.

Connie was gone for lunch so I decide to cook up the rest of the half of pound of ground beef left from previous dinner. I made three small patties to accommodate the small hamburger buns in the pantry. I decided to make two burgers and leave one for Daisy. Usually she would be right by my side at the table when eating, but she stayed in her bed while I ate my lunch. So I would break off pieces of her hamburger and feed her in bed. Her appetite was as good as ever and I was hoping that she was just being lazy.

Connie prepared which would end up being her last dinner, later that evening her tumor started bleeding and our last moments with our girl of 11 years were coming to an end.

Every morning I awake and mentally walk through my daily routines with Daisy. I do remember on her final day, she gave me one lick, a kiss on my right leg as I was getting dressed for the day. I miss her so.

Ron and Connie Unger