Daisy’s new forever home is like a movie montage of the ideal Labrador life. This two-year-old Chocolate Lab spends her days chasing, dreaming, loving, and sometimes participating in some shenanigans. She has found her place in a very supportive household, and she returns the support watching out for her new family, both canine and human. Author Mayam Faresh wrote in her book, “You can’t be sad with Daisy around; she won’t let you.”  This is true for Karen, Brendan, and their daughters.

Karen gave us an update:

“Tootsie has been doing great and settling into her new home! My daughters quickly renamed her Daisy as she has such a bright and bubbly personality, loving every person and dog that she meets.  We call her the emotional support dog for our 4-year-old rescue Lab Rosie, making her feel more comfortable around other dogs, the vet and in the car. At the same time Rosie is making sure Daisy does not wander and to go potty outside. The two spend their days sunbathing, playing and chasing squirrels in the backyard.

Daisy shows affection to each and every person, including their socks and shoes! She does like getting into her share of mischief, especially when no one is looking. She has not figured out the retrieving thing but certainly has a fondness for squirrels and bunnies.  On some days she has endless energy, but settles in nicely at night with bedtime stories being read to her from her two human big sisters.”

Thanks, Cathie, for fostering Daisy!