Daisy is delighted to share this update with you, and to let you know what a lucky and very happy, Lab, she is. A day in the life of three-year-old Daisy looks very different these days, with her new family. Andrea and Cory knew that she had a traumatic accident prior to coming to SHLR, but they saw through the bandages and permanent scars to the heart of this sweet girl. Here is an update from her new family.

Peas and carrots…Daisy (formerly known as Ari) feels like she’s been part of our family for years and not weeks. There is a familiar/loving bond on both sides. This pretty, sweet, and good-natured girl just loves her new neighborhood! She enjoys the big park areas where she can investigate all of the squirrels, ducks, and prairie dogs. She also is a huge fan of going to the dog park and running/playing with other dogs (she’s usually the fastest at the park).

We do have to be slow with how active she is, though. She is still recovering from her accident and subsequent surgery. But she has a great vet (Dr. Mathews at Arvada West) who says that with some TLC, we can get the pads on her paw healed so she can go full force with being active! Daisy says she looks forward to exploring trails, both hiking and running, with us once she is 100%!

Thanks for your volunteer work, and to everyone at SHLR!