Daisy Mae is a delightful dame with about ten years under her collar, but she isn’t ready to sign up for any senior discounts just yet, thank you very much. “Haven’t you heard? Ten is the new five,” our lovely Lab lady woofs waggishly as she casts an approving glance at her reflection in a nearby mirror and heads out for a brisk neighborhood stroll with her wonderful new parents, Diane and Greg, in tow.

Miss Daisy Mae’s new mom tells us:

Daisy Mae is a blessing in our lives.  When we lost our 13-year-old black Lab, Mitchie, in February 2019, we were heartbroken. Six months later, I saw sweet ten-year-old Daisy Mae’s picture and bio on the Safe Harbor website. I texted her photo to my husband, who texted back, “why not?”.  I immediately applied to adopt her, and the rest is history.  

Daisy Mae fit right into our family and has helped to heal our broken hearts.  She is playful and sweet.  Every day is a new adventure with her. She loves everyone she meets.  On our walks, she likes to flop and roll on the grass and then sit up and watch the world go by.  She makes us smile all the time. She goes everywhere with us and greets everyone she meets with a wagging tail. Everyone is her friend.  She is the neighborhood favorite! She has filled our empty home with love, laughter and excitement.  And she has mended our hearts. We love her so much.  It’s seems like she has been a part of our family for all of her ten years!  Daisy Mae is a sweet girl who has completed our family. We are grateful to Safe Harbor for rescuing her.  

We look forward to more adventures with our sweet Daisy Mae!