Little Daisy is growing up fast!  Since joining Diane and Bob’s family at the beginning of the summer, Daisy has been winning over all of her new family members, learning her puppy ABCs, exploring the big, wide world with her parents, and growing like a weed.  Daisy’s new parents recently sent us an update on their new girl:

What fun we are having!! We adopted Daisy from Safe Harbor about four months ago. We had sworn we would not adopt another puppy – enough of that! And then…well, we saw her picture, met her, and went home with a bouncy tail-wagging puppy who we discovered was six months old. Her enthusiasm was infectious and we have found that we laugh at each and every little thing she does. We think Daisy is a “Labrahound.” She bays like a hound, has a large chest, and her body shape is so like that of a foxhound. She is definitely a Labrador, but the hound is shining through, too.

Daisy is challenging the way all puppies are challenging. She has chewed our shoes and our carpet, had “accidents” in the home, and of course, jumped up on people who might not like it! Our patience has been tested! But, through a lot of reading, patience, and love, and the fact that Daisy is now almost 11 months old, things are much better! She has a perfect sit/stay, loves her crate, is better about not jumping up, and no longer chews on things other than the toys strewn around the house.
She gets a walk every morning, goes to Doggie Daycare twice a week, and loves to hike with us in the mountains on a long lead. She is so close to being leash trained! She loves her foster moms, Samantha and Jen, the grandkids, and of course, us. Oh, and she loves chews!!!
We are so happy we chose Safe Harbor Lab Rescue to help us find our now fourth dog. Daisy is a delight, happy, funny, and full of life. We love having her in our family and thank Safe Harbor for allowing us to adopt her. The adventure continues!!!