Crystal and Doug always find a special place in their hearts and home for dogs who are older or may otherwise be more challenging to place. Sweet ten-year-old Dakota is delighted to announce that she has found her forever with this wonderful couple, who have described themselves “as a retirement home for dogs.” As soon as she arrived, Dakota was welcomed into the family by her new canine siblings, SHLR alumni, Cody and Adonis. While Dakota is relieved to have found the perfect place to relax and enjoy her golden years, retirement will have to wait a while as this lively lady Lab has far too many balls to chase and games to play to even consider slowing down anytime soon.

Her new family sent us an update shortly after Dakota joined them: Wow did Dakota settle in fast and come out of her shell. She is a very good girl and will fit in beautifully. She sure does like a good wrestle and I’m not sure where the note about not interested in balls comes from — she plays with squeaker balls and REALLY loves frisbee. I’ve got an open one and she loves to scoop it up with her whole head. She’s more Cody’s speed then Adonis’, which is lovely. Doug wanted me to get a dog that would play Frisbee, and thanks to his landscaping we’ve got a nice flat front yard to play in with no obstacles. Safe Harbor hooked me up with perfection again!!