Beautiful Hope is home with Sarah, Brian, and their boys, and this formerly stray senior girl is proving to be a natural at the family life.  Now known as Daphne, she tells us that her favorite thing about being a part of this wonderful family is simply waking up everyday knowing that she is loved.

Sarah and Brian sent us an update on their lovely girl: 

We adopted sweet “Daphne Hope” since September and she is part of our family! She loves walking “her” boys to and from school every day, napping, sniffing, playing with toys, and has filled our home with joy again! She has learned how to fetch and since she doesn’t hear well from recurrent ear infection damage, we have taught her hand commands for sit, come, and down.  She has made several dog friends and has a bed in every room of the house. A random pillow will do for a nap pad and even under the Christmas Tree! She also thinks she’s a lapdog and is always agreeable to be a napping partner to those so inclined to take a rest.

Our local vet thinks she closer to age 10 or 11, but since we started her on arthritis shots her mobility has already improved greatly! She has adjusted and bonded with all of us. We are in love and couldn’t imagine our home without our sweet Miss Daphne. Thank you, Safe Harbor, for bringing her to us!

Sarah recently sent another update and asked us to hold off on the original story pending Daphne’s upcoming surgery.  A couple of weeks prior, Daphne had suffered a serious respiratory crisis caused by her laryngeal paralysis and had been rushed to the vet. Fortunately, she made it through the episode, and they were told that Daphne might benefit from laryngeal tie back surgery. The wonderful news is that Daphne has now had the surgery which appears to have been successful, and so far is much improved and happily recovering at home where she is receiving all the loving care, attention, snuggles, (and meatballs! per doctor’s orders) a pup could dream of. The last photo below is of a post-surgery Daphne who is looking forward to her next, best chapter.