Our sweet Daphne (aka Daph-Daph, aka DD, aka DD Nubs) joined our family 9/30/2019. From day one she was the sweetest, snuggly, most loving girl! She was always up for love and was just content to be in her family’s presence. She had an affinity for bars of soap and would do her rounds to check every night the tub just in case we forgot to move the soap back from the edge of the tub. She loved to be carried and held. She was the most active dreamer- we’d wake up in the middle of the night with her paws playing a song on the bedframe (we’d have to pad it with a blanket so she would not wake whomever she was sleeping with, she made sure we knew when it was 5:00 on the dot and time to feed her and was the only time we ever had some sass from her. She didn’t like her family being gone and would wait at the door when we’d leave. She won the heart of her grandpa (Papa) who would stay with her when her family was gone and even just when her family was out for the evening just because she preferred having company. She would bed hop so she could spread the snuggles with everyone in the family and was the best foot warmer. She loved convincing her dad to take her for early bedtime and would try to herd him to nap with her, sofa or bed was just fine! When she’d ride in the car in the mountains she anticipated each turn and would “mountain surf” she was thrilled! She stole the hearts of all who met her. She loved her boys (Jeremiah and William) and welcomed them snuggling for movie night and reading to her. Her parents she would follow everywhere they went or would lay so she could watch them and make sure they didn’t stray too far. The vet clinic staff that saved her when she had a respiratory crisis told us “there is just something about that dog” that made all who met her just love her. She had hip dysplasia so couldn’t walk far but loved her short sniff walks as she got older. She had a pure grateful heart and all who met this sweet girl feel uplifted and peaceful. She’s what I call an angel dog and we will never forget our sweet Daphne Girl, forever in our hearts.