Anybody for double chocolate fun?  Mark and Kim had their Lab CJ for many years, but after long and careful thought they decided it was time to get him a buddy.  When young Darby heard about this special job, he was the first to raise his paw.  He wanted to be CJ’s best buddy.  For Darby, a canine buddy and a forever home was something that he had been hoping for.  When Mark and Kim met three-year-old Darby, he charmed them with his dark chocolate coat, bright sparkling eyes and joyful demeanor.  He really liked them, and they  couldn’t resist him.  The question that remained was how would CJ feel about this adorable newcomer?Darby 3
They sent us this update to let us know how things are going:  Pictures are worth a 1000 words. We adore this pup! He has definitely immersed himself into our household. CJ is our 12 year old lab. We adopted CJ  when he was two. Both of them have quickly become best friends.