One-year-old Dexter has gone through a lot in his short life.  He struggled with some health issues.  In true Labrador spirit, this young boy didn’t despair and was rewarded with his forever family.  He joined his new dog sister, fellow yellow Labrador Rey, and together they created an instant bond–shenanigans included.  Brett and Sarah, and their two daughters try and keep up with his love of fetch and are rewarded with affection.  Dexter is loved just as he is and this family could not be happier.

Here is an update:

“Dexter has quickly become part of our family.  He and our 2-year-old yellow Lab, Rey, have become instant friends and partners in mischief.  He is energetic, loving, and protective.  He will fetch for as long as we will throw and gives needed activity and energy to Rey and to all of us.  Dexter has bonded with our 9 and 11-year-old daughters and is never short of affection, puppy kisses, and amusing antics.  Dexter was a little nervous about his new home at first but has settled in nicely.  It is difficult to imagine life without him, just a few weeks after his arrival.

Thank you Safe Harbor for bringing him into our lives.”

Thanks to Melody and Penny for co-fostering!