Bodhi and his parents, Diane and John, adopted the most beautiful little bundle of chocolate love when they brought sweet Dharma home to stay.  Little Dharma‘s world quickly grew by leaps and bounds as her new big brother helped her learn how to relax, love, and play, and to enjoy all the adventures and experiences her new life offers.  Dharma and Bodhi could not be reached for comment for this story, but this delightful doggy duo can often be overheard woofing along to the tune of “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” as they race, chase, and snuggle their way through the day together.

Dharma‘s new parents tell us:  “We are in love with this sweet little girl!  Our young male Lab Bodhi told us he wanted a sister, hence Dharma (FKA Cola).  At first she was quite shy and never left our side, but little by little she felt more comfortable and learned to play and wrestle with her big brother.  They quickly became bonded and inseparable.  Since Bodhi taught her how to play, she reciprocated and taught him how to groom.  Now they can be seen playing, snuggling, and grooming each other!

Favorite activities for the four of us are going for car rides, long walks, swimming at the lake and the dog friendly brewery!  And of course snuggling!!!  What a sweetheart Miss Dharma is, and the perfect sister to Bodhi who wants her with him wherever he goes!”

Many thanks to LaDean for fostering Dharma/Cola!