Three-year-old Dixie is just a little slip of a Lab who tips the scales at about 38 pounds. This little girl has endured many hardships in her young life, but after being rescued from a shelter and receiving extensive necessary medical treatment and expert foster care, she was ready to leave her past far behind and look forward to her new forever.  The only medicine she needs now is love, and her new parents, Mike and Sue, are making she never misses a dose. Dixie and family

Dixie’s new family tells us:  With all of our work around the cabin and family commitment Dixie has been such a good Girl. We can take her to visit our mom at the assisted living and she simply conducts herself as a very relaxed visitor. One item that is important to her is going for a morning walk. She gets up in the morning and has her breakfast hangs around the front porch for just so long. Then she lets us know that it’s time for a walk. 

We have noticed that she wants us around her pretty much all of the time. We are working on letting her stay home alone and reassure her we will return. We have discovered that there are certain noises that bother her. So we continue to ease her into a life style that will give her a chance to experience life on the good side.

She is experiencing camping and seems to enjoy the different parks and meeting new friends. She shows that she is socialized and is really good with other dogs.
We will say that we have not had to kennel her. She sleeps all night unless she needs to go out and take care of her needs, which she has let us know. Someone has spent time with her before. Our only desire is to know her signals that she needs for commands.  

All and all she is a good Girl. Even though she is not a 100% Lab, she exhibits a lot of the lab characters. AND YES WE HAVE TRIED TO SPOIL HER SOME. 

The adorable Miss Dixie is pictured showing off her parents during a recent camping trip.