Five-year-old Dolly can’t remember much about her life before meeting Keith and Sandi.  She is a sensitive girl with so much to give.  She just didn’t know who to give it to.  We are happy to say, since arriving at her new home, she has a new light in her eyes and a spring in her step.  There seems to be smiles and hugs all around.  She feels certain that she can give all that she has to her new family.  While on her watch, no one will go a day without a ball and a hearty game of fetch, lots of warm cuddles, and a good dose of Dolly’s well-earned loyalty.

Dolly’s New Family says:

“We fell in love the minute we saw sweet, timid Ryder.  We could tell that she was being well cared for by her wonderful Safe Harbor foster parents.  She was happy and so soft and clean and wagged her tail so hard that her whole body “wagged.”  After the trip home and spending some good bonding time with her, we felt strongly that her masculine name “Ryder” really didn’t fit her persona.  We very quickly realized that the name Dolly really fit, and she took to it almost immediately.  She loves taking long walks, playing fetch in the yard, going for rides in the car and snuggling on the couch.  Oh, and we can’t leave out the belly rubs!  Dolly has made a friend of another yellow Lab in our cul-de-sac which is really fun to watch.  Once Dolly and Meadow have greeted, they seem to enjoy each other’s company.  We are looking forward to warmer weather and finding a safe place with a lake for her to play in.  Thank you, Safe Harbor, for being the conduit to bring her to us.”