Beth must have made a wish on Aladdin’s lamp to have Doug come into her life.  This is no ordinary dog. He is Renaissance Doug.  Cats love him, and dogs want to be him. This nine-year-old yellow Lab is a four-legged fashion plate. He lives by YOLO and hasn’t met an activity he doesn’t like.  He brings joy to all those around Beth and him. We all could use a little Doug in our life.

Beth (in the red shirt) sent us an update on life with Doug:

Doug, what can I say a day does not go by that I don’t Thank the Gods for Doug. We go on two walks a day, hikes, he is my co-pilot whenever I venture out into the world. He now has several collars, my cats love him and he could care less, his second family is my middle daughter’s. My granddaughters, Izze and Sofia adore him and give him plenty of hugs. This summer he’s been to mountains, swimming, barbecues, sleepovers, summer dinners outside. Thank you for Doug.