Dougie_201605_250pxLook at this sweet bundle of love! Six-year-old Dougie, charmed the socks off of Foster Mom Leslie, and she just couldn’t let him go. This little guy spreads sunshine just about everywhere he goes, never too busy to stop for cuddles and kisses. Congratulations Dougie! You are finally home, so cuddle up on the couch and rest assured that you will always be loved.

Leslie told us how she met Dougie:

Leslie saw Dougie’s shelter photo and instantly stepped up to foster this little Lab mix who looked pretty miserable in his run.

“From day one, Dougie has been a wonderful companion.” says Leslie. “He’s just a little guy and so cute. He’s like a little bear cub. I knew within a day that he was going to be a ’foster failure’ and I’m so glad he stayed on. The only one here who’s not so thrilled he’s joined the household is the squirrel in the backyard. I’m so glad Safe Harbor was there for him when he needed a friend. And that I had the opportunity to be his foster mom — it was meant to be!”