A more handsome hunk of hound would be hard to find, and at a neat ninety pounds it’s difficult to believe that Dozer is only about two-thirds the man he used to be — all thanks to his fabulous foster who helped him slowly and safely trim off almost 40 excess pounds to get down to his current healthy fighting weight just in time for adoption day.  Dashing Dozer caught the attention of Lori and Steve who were on the lookout for their next Lab love, and the rest is history.  This big guy has settled right in and takes his new role of Head Family Lab very seriously. “My name might be Dozer, but I’m not sleeping on the job,” he woofs happily. Dozer’s new parents sent us an update on their new boy:The first of 2023 we were ready to adopt again after losing our best girl ever to cancer the year before. We found Safe Harbor Lab Rescue and after a couple of potential matches that were already spoken for (lucky pups!) SHLR introduced us to Vinnie by email.  He was a gorgeous three-and-a-half-year-old chocolate Lab, and on paper everything seemed to be a good match.  We met in person and happily took him home with us.  We got to know each other for a few days before settling on a different name, Dozer.  This big boy can rearrange furniture just stretching out and can clear off a coffee and end tables with his happy tail.  We could not have anticipated how quickly he would bond to us.  We have fallen in love with Dozer and know that we are truly his people!  Dozer’s first leg of training was dinner manners. At first, he tackled the food bowl, spilling food and water all over. It only took a couple of days to teach him to sit and stay and wait for the “okay” before he ate.  What a lovebug this big boy is. What makes him happy is dinnertime, toting a toy around the house, rubs behind his ears, and going for a walk or a ride in the truck with his family.  We are so happy to have found him and look forward to watching him progress as we continue to train him on the basics.  Dozer gives so much in affection, laughs, and that special loving energy that Labs are known for.  Many thanks to Connie for fostering Dozer/Vince and bring out his slim trim best!