There’s a new kid at Nick and Alison’s house these days, and his name is Duke. Six-month-old Duke is fitting right in with his new canine sibling,14-year-old Rusty and their feline sidekick, Ollie. If that wasn’t enough to keep Duke’s tail wagging all day long, this fabulous trio gets to share two wonderful kids who help make sure their four-legged crew is always properly loved, fed, and maybe just a little bit spoiled.

Nick and Alison tell us:

Well, Duke has really started to settle in. It was a little challenging at first as he was quite nervous and barked a lot, he was frightened in the car and did not like walking on a leash. However, every morning my husband Nick and I take him and our other dog Rusty on a walk through the lanes on their leashes. Then, we get back to our farm and they get to run off leash and chase rabbits.

Most weekends we head up to our house in Clark (near Steamboat) and Duke gets to play in Pearl lake and the nearby Elk river. He loves his country hikes where he gets to run through trees and bush. He is also now quite comfortable in the car. He loves our dog, Rusty, and the cat, Ollie. The three of them dine together! And, after their dinner they all sit on the couch together.