Debbie and Doug start every morning with a generous helping of chocolate now that this dashing Duke has joined their family. The Lab sweetness lasts all day long and whether the activity is trail walking, lap lounging, or a quick pick-up ballgame, Duke is an enthusiastic companion who is always ready for whatever is next on the schedule.

Duke’s new parents tell us:

We met Duke on July 12th and it was love at first sight!  He has adjusted well to his new home in Carbondale and loves going on long walks with his new Mommy!  He is extremely affectionate and thinks he is a lap dog.  He loves playing frisbee and ball.  He greets everyone he meets with snuggles and kisses.  He has gone on his first hike and was such a good trail dog.  At four years old Duke has just the right amount of energy for both Doug and I.  We feel very fortunate to have Duke in our life!  Thank you Safe Harbor Lab Rescue!