When one Labra”door” closes, another opens.  Such is the case for Althea C., who lost her last Safe Harbor dog after 12 years.  It was love at first sight when the two-year-old Duke showed his baby browns to Althea and dog sister Jessie.  This clever little black Lab is there for his new family as they are for him.  All parties of this new forever family are forever grateful.

Althea gave us an update:

“Some might say we “rescued” Duke, but in all reality, Duke saved us from getting lost in the sadness when our sweet dog Zoey who we adopted from Safe Harbor 12 years ago crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

The minute we saw Duke, we knew he was a keeper. For me it was his eyes, those big, beautiful eyes.  Oh, and the fact that he likes to lay his head on your lap didn’t hurt much either.  Duke is such a sweet pup and very smart.  He is eager to please and has already mastered sit and lay down and gets lots of treats when he follows commands.  He loves to go on long walks and loves to play fetch. He has such a sweet personality and is very playful and gentle with other dogs too.

Duke has brought so much joy into our lives; we are so grateful that his foster mom Linda who took such good care of him. We can’t imagine life without him!”