Duke is living his best life. Not one to shy away from challenges and trying new things, this youthful yellow Lab is out to please his forever family. An only dog to Evan and Taylor, he is trying hard, but his new pack culture can sometimes confuse him. At two and half years old, he has one foot in all stages of life. Much like an adolescent, Duke can push the rules. Like a child, he learns new things quickly, and like a grown-up, he knows when to chill. One thing is for sure, he knows he is where he belongs.

Evan and Taylor sent us an update:

Duke is a sweet, goofy Lab who is the perfect addition to our home. He enjoys fetching, rolling in the grass, petting, and playing with his cousins. Duke was used to living outside but with encouragement he has learned how to use a dog door, conquer the stairs, and he has found a designated spot for himself in each room including a giant bean bag in our living room. Duke is very strong on the leash and not yet ready for hikes, but he enjoys his walks around the neighborhood with the Easy Walk harness and is getting better with every walk. He knows sit, down, come, to wait for release words with treats and food, and is learning stay. (He currently thinks “stay” means remains seated as you scoot your butt towards the treat, but he will get it one day!) Duke has free roam of the house and likes to closely supervise yard projects, provide lots of cuddles at the end of the day, and gently bring us any socks we have left out. Duke is a quiet dog who is not bothered by loud noises or fireworks, but he can be pretty animated when he dreams.

Overall, Duke has been a blessing to our family. We feel so lucky to have him as part of our family. We look forward to taking him on hikes, lake days, hours of fetching, and creating many more happy memories together. Duke is thankful to Safe Harbor for helping him find his forever home!”