It’s officially been one year (and a few months!) since Spencer (now renamed Duke) came home with me. Thank you for the sweet anniversary card, it prompted me to send an update and photos. I am grateful to your team for helping bring Duke and I together!
Duke loves his life in the mountains. He will stay outside on the porch in the sun as long as we let him. During the winter months, he will run while eating snow at the same time, and then roll around in the snow, an unbelievably happy dog he is. Duke is able to come to work with me, and as a summer camp director, he has become the unofficial comfort dog to many campers missing home (the photo of his closed eyes is one from summer camp where kids are petting him!). Duke loves his people and is affectionate, gentle, and kind. Duke has done a lot of hiking and cross country skiing with me this past year or so, and loves to go on any adventure. He gets along really well with my other dog and they have been good companions growing old together. 
Thank you once again for all of the work your team does!