Sometimes we just get lucky and meet a special soul that we know will fit perfectly into our lives and make them better. That’s what happened for Addie and a beautiful eight-year-old Lab named Duke when a chance meeting turned into the beginning of a forever friendship.

Addie tells their story:

I wasn’t really in the “market” for a dog, but when I first met Duke at my friend and SHLR foster volunteer Amy’s house, it was love at first site (see picture!). As I helped Amy during the day with Duke while she was at work, Duke and I pretty quickly adopted one another. I officially adopted Duke the following week; it was a mutual rescue as we both came out of previous situations where we weren’t thriving!

Duke is such a love bug — honestly the sweetest dog I have ever met — and we have brought so much joy to each other. He is super smart, and I was so happy to find out he knows many commands! We have barely left each other’s side as I work from home. He becomes so excited for his daily walks that he lies on top of my feet as I try to tie my shoes, which always makes me laugh out loud. I have also discovered he LOVES going for car rides, and he can’t take his eyes off all the new sights he sees from the back of my Subaru. He also loves everyone he encounters, and I believe his life mission is to spread the love he has to everyone and anyone who might need it! I’m so happy to feed Duke healthy food that he so enjoys, as we have to get his weight up. In this first month, he has gained 20% of his body weight so just a few more pounds to go. Duke is such a blessing to me and I’m so grateful beyond words to SHLR and my friend Amy for connecting us.