Seven-year-old Duncan (formerly known as Ruger) found his forever home with Gregg and Cyndi, and new Lab big brother, Odin. This handsome, genial gent recently took time out of his busy dog day to send a note and fill us in on his fabulous new family life.

Duncan reports:

“Hi all, this is Duncan in my new home with my humans and Odin. I love looking out the window and watching the world go by. I have been at my new home for 5 weeks and I am finally settling in. I still have some separation anxiety, but my humans have assured me I’m here to stay. Whew. We have been going on walks every day and I’m getting better and better, add comma but I still need to work on not walking my humans and let them walk me. They tell me I’m a handful. No daydreaming while we walk, they say! I have a huge back yard where I can get up to full speed chasing squirrels and other varmints. I am the new “Head of Compound Security” and I’m always on guard for pesky critters. I love it here. Thank you, Joe and Safe Harbor for taking care of me and finding my forever home.”