Duncan 2Have you ever wondered what the world looks like through a dogs eyes?  Greg and Nancy can tell you!   Their story began when they saw Duncan’s photo. He is a sixteen-month-old black Lab-mix, with the joy of life written all over his sweet face. It was love at first site for both the adopters and dog from day one.  There is no doubt that Duncan adores his new family.  People are never strangers for long with this pup, should you come across Duncan and his family in your daily walks, you can be sure that you will become fast friends in the blink of an eye and the wag of a tail! Duncan 3

Nancy and Greg share this update on Duncan: Duncan (formerly Jeep) is our new 16-month old black lab-mix. He came into our lives in October 2016 and quickly filled our empty nest. He wants to be with us all the time and see whatever it is we are doing. It’s almost like he is ‘rediscovering’ life like it’s all brand new to him. He is so curious about everything and while this can keep us on our toes, it also reminds us to look at everyday things with a whole new view–Duncan’s view! Everyday things like hikes, snow, car rides, rain, smells and sounds take on a whole new meaning! Mix all that up with just being happy to be with you and a good belly rub and life is good! Most of all Duncan just wants to be loved and he loves us right back. He is our new buddy and he embraces everyone he meets…literally and figuratively (we’re all working on that one!). We are so lucky that we found Duncan and thank SHLR for making that happen! We look forward to more discoveries and new experiences ahead!